#Z22 Stats

Zane Keleher #Z22

  • D.O.B:          1st Febuary 1993

  • Hometown:  Rockhampton

  • Country:       Australia

  • Height:         180cm

  • Rider #:        Z22


Memorable Results

  • 1st Handlebar Heroes 2019

  • 2nd Victorian Titles 2019

  • 2nd South Australian Titles 2019

  • 14th Australian Championships 2019

  • 9th Oceania Championships 2019

  • 3rd Queensland Titles 2018

  • 2nd Handlebar Heroes 2018

  • Cairns Champion 4 x Back-to-Back


Other Interests

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Health and fitness

  • Mountain biking

  • Innovative developments

zane headshot_edited.jpg

An insight into the past, present and future of #Z22

Starting from the bottom and trying to make it as one of Australia’s fastest and most successful motorcycle racers is not an easy task, but Zane Keleher #Z22 is determined, and when there’s a will, there’s a way!

From humble beginnings in his early years, Zane was a natural athletic achiever but exercised the discipline and commitment needed to excel in his chosen sports from a young age. The passion for motorcycling was inherited from his father, although he wasn’t allowed to ride a motorcycle until he had first mastered the art of riding a unicycle!

The real love for motorcycling came in his mid-teenage years and the desire to compete at National level across the country at the Australian Motocross Championships was formed. Working full-time, training and practicing, maintaining race bikes, negotiating with sponsors, travelling and financing an expensive schedule is no easy task for a young ‘privateer’ but Zane knew what was required and formed a credible team of sponsors, contacts and supporters over the 5 seasons from 2011-2015 in which he competed at the MX Nationals.

In mid 2015, after returning from a European motocross trip, Zane experienced speedway at his hometown of Rockhampton for the first time in over 10 years! A month later, Zane attended a speedway coaching event and had his first ever ride on a bike with no brakes. The next month, Zane had purchased his own two bikes and laid the foundations for a new motorcycling pathway and an exciting new goal! The methanol had officially entered his veins and a new and exciting motorcycling pathway was imminent.

Zane continued enhancing his skills, speed, technique in speedway, picked up his first regional win and also became a Motorcycling Australia coach in 2016. Z22 DEVELOPMENTS was born as the company name for his motorcycling coaching and this has since grown into the official online apparel, performance tuning and product development in 2017.

2018 was a huge success for Keleher with all the hard-work paying off with 3rd at the Queensland Titles and his first visa opportunity! Keleher was also one of the 8 seeded riders for the 2019 Australian Championships. In 2019, Keleher was crowned HANDLEBARE HEROES Champion!


In 2020, Keleher makes his international debut with the world renowned Poole Pirates in the Championship League in the United Kingdom. Stay tuned for more as the year develops!