Rocky Industrial Controls

Rocky Industrial Controls is partnering with Team #Z22 again in 2019 which is a milestone, 5th straight season.

Rocky Industrial Controls is a local, industrial electrical service provider in Rockhampton. They specialise in complex electrical works for customers such as, meat works, airports, power generators, councils, quarries and processing plants. They have a diverse and skilled team of qualified electricians, engineers and programmers and operate from their headquarters in Rockhampton City.

The business is owned and run by Sonny and Amanda Reed, and I’m very proud to have them back on board for this season as they share my passion with me and support me on and off the track. Sonny and Amanda also travel to the state and national titles to be a part of my team and experience the biggest races of the season with me.  

For more information about Rocky Industrial Controls, contact Sonny at the office on (07) 4921 4889.
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