Piranha Insurance Brokers - Keeping A Fresh Edge

For the past few seasons, Peter and Heather Peirano have generously helped me in my racing endeavours with the supply of racing tyres.

In speedway racing the rear tyre can be used twice. Once for one heat, then the whole wheel flipped and once more on the opposing edge for the next heat. After that it's time for a new wheel which already has a new tyre fitted. It's not uncommon to go through 4 tyres per meeting! Especially on the big QLD tracks.

Each rear tyre retails for $130 but I chose to buy in bulk which brings the price down to about $100 / tyre. It can be an expensive night when you're up for $400 in tyres alone!

Thankfully, Peter and Heather of Piranha Insurance Brokers know the costs of motorsports and proudly support me with new racing tyres.

I'm proud to have developed a great friendship with Peter and Heather through my racing and look forward to more success in years to come.

Remember, success is journey not a destination.

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