Keleher heads West to take on Pinjar Park

It's been months in the making, but finally the time has come to fly to the 'wild west' and take on the best from Western Australia.

This Saturday, 16th December, I will be racing the WA 500cc State Title at the world renowned Pinjar Park. The venue has a lot of proud history and I'm very excited about racing on the circuit where 2 x World Champion, Tai Woffinden fine tuned his race craft and speedway skills.

Thankfully, I will be supported by Brad Muller and the FULLOCK Racing Team with a complete bike and equipment for the event. I can't thank Brad enough for this opportunity and hope to put on a great display on the well presented machine!

The WA State Title will feature 16 of the best riders from Western Australia and a few 'FIFO riders' from the eastern states. The tight, 142m track is sure to make for some very close racing!

Make sure you follow me on Instagram @ZANEKELEHER_Z22 for live updates from the Perth trip! Its going to be a fun weekend.


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