Keleher Automatically Seeded into 2019 Australian Championships

Almost 3 years to the day since I set the goal of being in the top 16 riders in Australia to compete at the annual Australian Championships, I received the good news that the goal has finally been achieved!

My results from the 2018 QLD Titles haven’t gone unnoticed and I’ve been rewarded with automatic seeding into the 2019 Australian Championships to be held in early January.

I’m really excited and I don’t feel any pressure at all about competing against 2012 World Champion, Chris Holder or the other riders like former U21 World Champion, Max Fricke or past Australian Champions, Brady Kurtz, Sam Masters and Rohan Tungate who all have Speedway Grand Prix experience. I’m definitely the underdog and that just makes it even more exciting for me!

The Australian Championship takes a lot of effort to plan and organise and will see me travel 2400km from my hometown to Gillman in South Australia just to get to Round 1. All up it will be almost 6000km for the series which travels to Gillman, Mildura, Albury, Undera and Kurri-Kurri.

It comes with some huge expenses including over $1000 in diesel, $3800 in accommodation expenses, $2100 in race tyres, $2600 in oils, clutches, chains and other consumables and that’s if nothing goes wrong!

Not only am I the only Queensland rider automatically seeded but I’m also the ONLY domestic based rider as well and I’ll be up against the toughest line-up in recent years with nearly all my remaining competitors based overseas and having extensive international experience.

I am looking for financial backing and additional product support for the Australian Championship and the 2019 season and kindly ask you to consider whether you can assist me in any way, shape or form, whether big or small.

As a professional athlete, sponsorship and product support are vital to my success and your investment will be rewarded as I am confident in being the most pro-active and professional rider in Australia.

If you are interested in partnering with me for 2019 or would like to know more, please shoot me an email or give me a call.

See you at the race track!

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